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Presidential Gaslighting

George Conway: McConnell is “gaslighting” America by blaming Trump’s virus “failures” on impeachment “Trump managed to visit his Mar-a-Lago estate for rounds of golf on at least four occasions,” Conway points out By Matthews Rozsa/ Salon/ April 1, 2020 George … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Liberals: There Will be No 2018 ‘Blue Wave,’ No Democratic Majority and No Impeachment There’s no quick fix for Trump or our damaged democracy—and the Democrats still look hopeless By Andrew O’Hehir/ Salon/ May 27, 2017 We received … Continue reading

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A few courageous commentators are beginning to openly talk about what I’ve long suspected: that the “War on Terror” is more hoax than reality. In this article, Glenn Greenwald (one of those brave souls) documents how the myriad “experts” on … Continue reading

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The New Abnormal

Over the last ten or more years since 9/11, despite any spike in terrorism on our soil, Americans have easily acquiesced to substantially invasive national security measures. Inspections, body searches, surveillance, torture, loss of constitutional liberties–Americans shrug their shoulders and … Continue reading

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The Fed and Its Friends

A new book by Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of the TARP program criticizes President Obama, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and federal regulators for working in the interests of Wall Street at the expense of distressed homeowners and the public. … Continue reading

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Deliberate media propaganda The media now knows that “militant” is a term of official propaganda, yet still use it for America’s drone victims By Glenn Greenwald/ Salon/ June 2, 2012 Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Obama administration, in … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Greenwald blog: The Authoritarian Mind by Glenn Greenwald/ Salon/ May 27, 2012 ABC News‘ Jake Tapper this morning interviewed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and asked him about civilian deaths caused by U.S. drones: specifically, whether the U.S.’s relentless … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: “Return Fraud to Wall Street In One Easy Step Act”

“Once again, the Puppets on Capitol Hill are about to slam the Muppets on Main Street. The country still hasn’t recovered from the Wall Street-induced financial cataclysm of 2008, yet Congress is preparing to enact the Orwellian ‘JOBS Act‘—a bill that should … Continue reading

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The “Vast Drone/ Killing Operation” (Shh, It’s Secret)

The American Military Empire and Global Police State continues its expansion. Glenn Greenwald reports on a Washington Post article detailing how President Obama “has assembled such a highly efficient machine for the targeted killing of suspected terrorists.” Of course, this … Continue reading

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“Killing People Without Knowing Who They Are”

SATURDAY, NOV 5, 2011 in Salon.com THE DRONE MENTALITY   In a New York Times Op-Ed yesterday, international human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith describes a meeting he had in Pakistan with residents from the Afghan-Pakistani border region that has been relentlessly bombed … Continue reading

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