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Our Invisible Revolution By Chris Hedges/ Truthdig/ October 28, 2013 Shuttershock “Did you ever ask yourself how it happens that government and capitalism continue to exist in spite of all the evil and trouble they are causing in the world?” … Continue reading

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Wellstone’s Revenge: How Minnesota Democrats Took Their State Back Minnesota’s once-woebegone progressives have quietly crafted a road map for turning state capitols blue. By Andy Kroll/ Mother Jones/ September/October 2013 Illustration: Owen Smith It was the Friday before Memorial Day, … Continue reading

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Another Benghazi

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Stacked Deck

BPR Quote of the Day “When it comes to the news, force-fed to us through the media, corporately-owned, we know the cards are stacked. The corporate view is `objective,’ all else is `propaganda.’” Studs Terkel    

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Bernie Sanders: The Cost of Hypercapitalism

by Jonathan Tasini/ Playboy/ October 17, 2013 At a time when politicians—particularly members of Congress—are almost universally reviled and blind partisanship seems to dictate the fate of every piece of legislation, one U.S. senator stands out as a unique voice. Bernie … Continue reading

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The Folly of Empire By Chris Hedges/ Truthdig/ October 15, 2013 The final days of empire give ample employment and power to the feckless, the insane and the idiotic. These politicians and court propagandists, hired to be the public faces … Continue reading

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What the Media Misses

Mainstream Media Fail: The Issues the MSM Should Be Covering Daily By Rob Kall/ OpEd News/ October 13, 2013 I’m watching Bill Maher. It’s a great example of how the media ignores the big problems and wastes its attention on … Continue reading

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A Plea From an Orangutan

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Their American Dream

BPR Quote of the Day “Can you imagine, Mr. President, billionaires, billionaires going to war against working people so that they and their kids cannot get health insurance? I mean I thing that is just obscene.” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) … Continue reading

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Greenwald Rips Into BBC “Journalist”

 Glenn Greenwald, talks about  NSA & British government spying, gives  journalism lesson to BBC apologist Kirsty Wark……

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