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Arlen Grossman retired in 2010 from the teaching profession to devote full-time to writing.  He has a Journalism degree from Cal State Northridge (as well as a M.S. in Counseling from Cal State L.A.) and has done freelance writing over the years, with articles and letters in many major newspapers and magazines. He started his blogs in July 2011.

Arlen is a self-professed news junkie and passionate about politics. He sees our country and much of the world going in entirely the wrong direction. He remembers when the United States was a functioning democracy–rather than a plutocracy– and the American Dream was more than just  a dream. He wishes to be part of the process of bringing fairness and democracy back to our country, and–if he has any spare time left–saving the planet.

The Big Picture Report is a compilation of original writing by the editor as well as relevant and interesting material and quotes from other sources. Arlen is a regular contributor to He wrote “What’s Your Quotation Quotient,” a weekly quote quiz, for nine years in the Monterey Herald.

Arlen lives on the Monterey Peninsula in California with his wife (and sometimes his grown children) and an assortment of animals.

His other blog:

Arlen’s email :

The Big Picture Report colorful header is the creation of talented Seaside artist Nick Rendernick.

12 Responses to The BPR Editor

  1. Arlen Grossman, I know that we have our issues where we agree and disagree. From the standpoint of civility, I hope that I have lived up to that in your view.

  2. bluegrasspb says:

    Arlen, I just came across your blog and look forward to following it. I also see many things wrong with the current economic model–it seems as if the massive disconnect most of us have from what we buy and use it as the root of the problem. Check out my blog–I think we’ll share plenty of opinions!

  3. Momentum on these issues is growing, Gary. Whatever we can contribute to it is good. We can never know when we will reach critical mass, but I’m hoping the Occupy events are pushing us in that direction.

  4. Thanks very much Arlen! You are the first blogger I contacted. I will now, given your gusto, move on to others. Two-fisted democracy power, including the Democracy Coaltion, may fizzle but not without my trying my darndest.



  5. Arlen, would you be willing to let me enter your political blog as a member of The Democracy Coalition? See for an explanation.

    Best regards,


  6. Michael Sellars says:

    Dude … you can’t handle one little dig about your commie buddies? When did you get so thin-skined? Be a man!

    • A voice from the past…….Welcome, Michael. Apparently you haven’t changed a bit. But you are always welcome to pop in for some political sparring. Say hi to Sara for me.

  7. akismet-10db7388a8c3d6847bee31f44e615a8c says:

    Hi Arlen…nice blog! I had no idea you’d been doing this since last year. Good, concise commentary! If you’d like to spiff up the layout, add photos and even discover interesting ways of promoting your site, I’d recommend WordPress All-in-One For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson et al.. I use WordPress on my site and found the book a good source of information. I went on a redesign spree on my site, then ran out of time before creating anything but a few trivial posts to use as templates. Your approach is better…create the content, then add the gift wrapping later.
    Anyhow, best of success with your new spot in cyberspace!


    • Thank you for your input, Rich. I’ve been writing political commentary for years, but as letters to the editor (and arguing back and forth with Ed and his friends). But I seem to have a lot more opinions than newspaper editors allow on their letters page. So I’ve decided to join the blogging bandwagon. Since my tech skills are so limited, I’ve hired a patient young man with those skills to help me get started. I’ve also discovered a number of WordPress “how to” books at the library, probably similar to yours. The Big Picture Report is a work in progress, but I’m enjoying the experience, as well as my other site, Now that I’m retired, it’s become my new job. I don’t make any money but it’s fun.

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