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In Case You Haven’t Figured It Out

Letter to the editor, Monterey Herald, February 28, 2023 Have you ever wondered how, in the richest country in the world, so many Americans are hungry, homeless, lacking health care and living in poverty? In fact, about 64% of our … Continue reading

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The Real Way to Measure Our Economy

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Test Run–New Youtube Political Video Series

New Political Broadcast Show: Hal Ginsberg started a progressive radio station (KRXA-540AM) in Monterey from 2005 to 2013. It went off the air after Hal moved back to his family’s home in Maryland. Hal is starting a YouTube Video show, … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor, Monterey Herald, February 19, 2023 Republicans, lacking plans to help ordinary people, recently pushed an idiotic bill that called for members of Congress to denounce “The Horrors of Socialism.” There was no reason for it, other … Continue reading

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Creeping Authoritarianism

Creeping authoritarianism….Russia, Hungary, Poland and other authoritarian-type governments are taking control of media, the judiciary, and other institutions that threaten their autocracy. Could it happen here? Think of Gov. DeSantis of Florida trying to take over the educational system in … Continue reading

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Should you trust media bias charts?

These controversial charts claim to show the political lean and credibility of news organizations. Here’s what you need to know about them. By Jake Sheridan/ November 2,2021 Impartial journalism is an impossible ideal. That is, at least, according to … Continue reading

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