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Obama: Thank You, GOP!

Why This Government Shutdown Will Backfire on Republicans By Peter Scheer/ Truthdig/ September 30, 2013 The mainstream GOP is so certain Republicans will be blamed for the government shutdown, the first in 17 years, it has been actively campaigning against … Continue reading

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The New Abnormal

Over the last ten or more years since 9/11, despite any spike in terrorism on our soil, Americans have easily acquiesced to substantially invasive national security measures. Inspections, body searches, surveillance, torture, loss of constitutional liberties–Americans shrug their shoulders and … Continue reading

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At Long Last, Grandpa Makes Sense

BPR Quote of the Day “…the worst decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st century– uninformed, arrogant, naïve.” Senator John McCain on the Citizens United decision NY Times: John McCain’s Three Little Words

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Estimated Amount to Be Spent by Koch Brothers for 2012 Election: $400 Million. Total Amount raised by John McCain For His 2008 Presidential Campaign: $370 Million. Source: Politico Thank you, Citizens United, for sabotaging “one person, one vote” elections in … Continue reading

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The Iraq Speech We Wish We’d Heard From Obama

What Barack Obama Should Have Said While Announcing the End of the Iraq War (Rude Version) by the Rude Pundit (Lee Papa)/ Dec. 15, 2011 President Obama gave a speech at Fort Bragg yesterday to declare the end of the 8.75 … Continue reading

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