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October Surprise?

Published in Los Angeles Times, July 25, 2018 To the editor: Trump’s all-caps rant against the Iranian government on Twitter late Sunday night may turn out to be more than just macho banter.    The president has surrounded himself with … Continue reading

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Corporate Democrats

Our broken political system demands that politicians look to big corporate donors in order to get elected. Corporate Democrats take the money and show their gratitude by voting in ways that please their benefactors. This video shows how it is … Continue reading

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America the Failed State

By Chris Hedges/ Truthdig/ July 1, 2018   Mr. Fish / Truthdig TORONTO—Our “corporate coup d’état in slow motion,” as the writer John Ralston Saul calls it, has opened a Pandora’s box of evils that is transforming America into a … Continue reading

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How Central Banks Rule the World

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Trump to Pick Supreme Court Justice

  Letters to the Editor, Monterey Herald, July 1, and San Francisco Chronicle, July 3, 2018 Maybe President Trump will nominate a open-minded, non-partisan, even-handed and objective nominee to become the next Supreme Court justice. Maybe the tooth fairy will play … Continue reading

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