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Greed and globalization set us up for disaster. By Tom Friedman/ New York Times/ May 30, 2020 If recent weeks have shown us anything, it’s that the world is not just flat. It’s fragile. And we’re the ones who made … Continue reading

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Nut Cases

The Right Sends In the Quacks Covid-19 highlights the conservative reliance on fake experts.   By Paul Krugman/ New York Times / April 20, 2020 Over the past few days there have been noisy, threatening demonstrations at various statehouses demanding … Continue reading

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By the Editorial Board/ New York Times/ April 9, 2020 From some of its darkest hours, the United States has emerged stronger and more resilient. Between May and July 1862, even as Confederate victories in Virginia raised doubts about the … Continue reading

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American Democracy May Be Dying

Authoritarian rule may be just around the corner. By Paul Krugman/ New York Times/ April 9, 2020   If you aren’t terrified both by Covid-19 and by its economic consequences, you haven’t been paying attention. Even though social distancing may … Continue reading

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Trump/Kushner, Inc.

He Went to Jared Heaven help us, we’re at the mercy of the Slim Suit crowd. By Maureen Dowd/ New York Times/ April 4, 2020   A few years ago, when some photos by Times photographers adorning our office walls … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Believe Those G.D.P. Numbers The statistics keep on rising, but they don’t track the well-being of most Americans. By David Leonhardt/ New York Times/ December 15, 2019 The Commerce Department will announce the latest G.D.P. numbers on … Continue reading

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By Charlie Warzel/ New York Times/ August 13, 2019 Even on an internet bursting at the seams with conspiracy theories and hyperpartisanship, Saturday marked a new chapter in our post-truth, choose-your-own-reality crisis story. It began Saturday morning, when news broke … Continue reading

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The Oppression of the Supermajority

By Tim Wu/ New York Times/ March 5, 2019 We are told that America is divided and polarized as never before. Yet when it comes to many important areas of policy, that simply isn’t true. About 75 percent of Americans … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country

By Sinan Antoon/ New York Times/ March 19, 2018 When I was 12, Saddam Hussein, vice president of Iraq at the time, carried out a huge purge and officially usurped total power. I was living in Baghdad then, and I … Continue reading

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The Real Coup Plot Is Trump’s

By Jascha Mounk/ New York Times/ December 20, 2017 When Donald Trump’s campaign was accused of spreading “fake news,” he quickly appropriated the term for himself. The true purveyors of fake news, he claimed, were television networks like CNN and … Continue reading

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