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The Real Coup Plot Is Trump’s

By Jascha Mounk/ New York Times/ December 20, 2017 When Donald Trump’s campaign was accused of spreading “fake news,” he quickly appropriated the term for himself. The true purveyors of fake news, he claimed, were television networks like CNN and … Continue reading

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Sorry, Kids

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The Triumph of the Oligarchy

By Robert Reich/ December 17, 2017 By passing the tax plan, Republican donors will save billions — paying a lower top tax rate, doubling the amount their heirs can receive tax-free, and treating themselves as “pass-through” businesses able to … Continue reading

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Confounds the Science

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Does Our President Have Dementia?

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Having No Shame

Republicans Are Looting the Treasury While They Still Can They know a backlash is coming, and they’re making the most of their power while they have it. By Joshua Holland/ The Nation/ December 2, 2017 The tax bill Senate Republicans … Continue reading

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Sound Familiar?

Letter to the Editor, Monterey Herald, December 3, 2017 American politics explained: (1) When in power, Republicans push through huge tax cuts and more money for the military, resulting in (2) a mushrooming deficit and an anemic economy, resulting in … Continue reading

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