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America May Be Broken Beyond Repair

By Michelle Goldberg/ /New York Times/ May 27, 2022 In an ad released last year, Blake Masters, a leading candidate in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary, cradles a semiautomatic weapon. “This is a short-barreled rifle,” he said, ominous music playing in … Continue reading

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What you need to know about the anti-democracy movement

Who’s funding it, why it’s inspired by Viktor Orban, and what it aims to achieve By RobertReich/ / May 19, 2022 Decades ago, America’s wealthy backed a Republican establishment that believed in fiscal conservatism, anti-communism, and constitutional democracy. But … Continue reading

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The Last Days of American Democracy?

By Arlen Grossman Published in May 20, 2022 Published in May 22, 2022 The political situation in this country is precarious, especially amidst a worldwide trend favoring autocracy over democracy. Conditions here will worsen if the Democrats aren’t … Continue reading

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The Smart Vote

Some Del Rey Oaks residents are concerned how the FORTAG trail will affect their city and plan to stop it by voting yes on B. I am voting no on B. It should be noted that there will be $10.3 … Continue reading

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Sanctity of Life

Come back, George. We really need you!

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Look at the Court Ruling in a Positive Way

By Arlen Grossman Published as Letter to Editor in Monterey Herald, May 5, 2022 As a progressive, I see a very significant silver lining in the Supreme Court’s intention to strike down Roe vs Wade. It might just wake up … Continue reading

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