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In case you might be interested, I’ve written a silly, quirky book for middle age readers (age 8-12). For more information, click here: Advertisements

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Welcome, Mr. VP

VP Pence came for a quickie Labor Day weekend visit to a remote area of Vermont, which happened to be down the road from my wife’s family’s summer home in Hubbardton. I felt I wanted to greet him as he … Continue reading

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What’s Next? Impeachment!

Thom’s blog What Does America Do With the Grifter President Who is Actually Broke?   It’s looking increasingly like Donald Trump has had zero or negative net worth ever since the 1980s or 90s, according to the tax reports released … Continue reading

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A Better Solution?

“I thought it would be easier than a drawn-out political campaign.”

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Capitalism’s War on Socialism

TBPR Editor’s Note: I am unclear as to why Egnatz doesn’t consider the Scandinavian countries as successful socialist countries. By Nick Egnatz/ OpEdNews/ April 2,2019 Successful socialist countries do not exist for the simple reason that capitalism has waged war … Continue reading

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Do We Want Normal?

Go Back to Normal After Trump? No Thanks By Alex Kingsbury/ NY Times Editorial/ March 1,2019   At the end of his eloquent remarks concluding a hearing where the president was accused of multiple crimes by his former attorney, Representative … Continue reading

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Dear @POTUS: Many people say you get your facts from fictional sources. We are concerned you may not understand the difference between our intelligence agencies and movies/entertainment shows. Here is a memo that explains the difference. –Rep. Ted Lieu

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TBPR Quote of the Day

“We have a deeply divided body politic in America. Half the people believe our system is broken. The other half believe it is fixed.” –Swami Beyondananda

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Trump: Military Spending “Crazy”

Go With Your Gut, Mr. President: You Called US Defense Spending “Crazy,” and You Were Dead On President Trump certainly isn’t known for ideological consistency, but he occasionally drops powerful “truth bombs” worthy of our attention. by Maj. Danny Sjursen … Continue reading

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With E-coli, Probably

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