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Witness Protection Program

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The New Abnormal

Over the last ten or more years since 9/11, despite any spike in terrorism on our soil, Americans have easily acquiesced to substantially invasive national security measures. Inspections, body searches, surveillance, torture, loss of constitutional liberties–Americans shrug their shoulders and … Continue reading

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9/11 Explained–Now Move Along, Please

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Iraq: Now Can We Apologize?

My parents taught me that when you make a mistake that hurts other people, you should apologize for it. We owe a Big Apology when it comes to Iraq. Now that President Obama has announced all America troops will be … Continue reading

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Amerikan Concentration Camp State?

Over-the-top rhetoric or realistic scenario? Excerpts from  “The End of History” by Paul Craig Roberts in OpEdNews, 10/21/2011: “Except for Washington’s favored mega-rich, the one percent that has captured all of the income gains of recent years, the rest of … Continue reading

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A Challenge: Who is More Evil than Cheney?

Can anyone think of any figure in the history of American government more inherently evil than former Vice-President Dick Cheney? I’m talking in terms of personality, ideas and policy. I would be surprised if anyone can surpass Dick Cheney, who … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Kings and Kingdoms

“‘Smaller government,’ it turns out, is not actually smaller government but different government. It’s government for the rich instead of government for the rest of us. It’s a departure from democracy and a shift toward the old hierarchical systems of … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Deficits Don’t Matter

“Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” Vice-President Dick Cheney, 2002

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