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America May Be Broken Beyond Repair

By Michelle Goldberg/ /New York Times/ May 27, 2022 In an ad released last year, Blake Masters, a leading candidate in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary, cradles a semiautomatic weapon. “This is a short-barreled rifle,” he said, ominous music playing in … Continue reading

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What you need to know about the anti-democracy movement

Who’s funding it, why it’s inspired by Viktor Orban, and what it aims to achieve By RobertReich/ / May 19, 2022 Decades ago, America’s wealthy backed a Republican establishment that believed in fiscal conservatism, anti-communism, and constitutional democracy. But … Continue reading

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The Last Days of American Democracy?

By Arlen Grossman Published in May 20, 2022 Published in May 22, 2022 The political situation in this country is precarious, especially amidst a worldwide trend favoring autocracy over democracy. Conditions here will worsen if the Democrats aren’t … Continue reading

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The Smart Vote

Some Del Rey Oaks residents are concerned how the FORTAG trail will affect their city and plan to stop it by voting yes on B. I am voting no on B. It should be noted that there will be $10.3 … Continue reading

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Sanctity of Life

Come back, George. We really need you!

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Look at the Court Ruling in a Positive Way

By Arlen Grossman Published as Letter to Editor in Monterey Herald, May 5, 2022 As a progressive, I see a very significant silver lining in the Supreme Court’s intention to strike down Roe vs Wade. It might just wake up … Continue reading

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DeSantis’ Attack on Disney Shows how Fascism Progresses Toward the Later Stages of Tyranny DeSantis, Abbott & other Republican neofascists are playing a dangerous game, that will rip America apart, using Disney as a proxy for the racial and gender … Continue reading

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Makes Sense

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Chris Hedges Interviews Cornel West

April 15, 2022 In this premiere episode of The Chris Hedges Report, Dr. West joins Chris Hedges to discuss the decay of the American empire, the struggle to show international solidarity in the face of escalating militarism, and what it … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Democrats!

Published in Monterey Herald, April 6, 2022 Dems should fight We are on the verge of losing what is left of democracy in America, and the Democratic Party seems to do little more than shrug its shoulders. Republicans are on … Continue reading

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