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It’s Time to Finally Admit We’re an Empire By David Sirota/ AlterNet/ September 28, 2013 Is America an empire or not? It is a loaded question because in the modern age, that word — empire — is not a moniker … Continue reading

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Truth: A Casualty of War

Top 45 Lies in Obama’s Speech at the U.N. By David Swanson/ davidswanson.org/ September 25, 2013 1. President Obama’s opening lines at the U.N. on Tuesday looked down on people who would think to settle disputes with war. Obama was … Continue reading

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One Thousand Days When One is Too Many By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers/Nation of Change/ Feb. 24, 2013 Please note: Although the protest activities described in this October 2011 newsletter article have already taken place this past weekend, the … Continue reading

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I have three major problems with drone warfare: (1) Assassinating real people in a video-game format with no risk to the killer strikes me as immoral. (2) Drone warfare makes war too simple to wage. We can send drones so … Continue reading

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Iraq: Now Can We Apologize?

My parents taught me that when you make a mistake that hurts other people, you should apologize for it. We owe a Big Apology when it comes to Iraq. Now that President Obama has announced all America troops will be … Continue reading

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