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Putin Won. We Lost.

By Arlen Grossman/ OpEdNews.com/ November 26, 2021 (Top Headlined Story At OpEd News, November 26-27) As democracy struggles on life support in the United States and with authoritarianism gaining popularity here and abroad. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, must … Continue reading

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6 Degrees of Vladimir Putin

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Remedy for Russian meddling should be new election

By Chris Edelson/ The Hill/ January 11, 2016 It sounds like a story lifted from the pages of a spy novel. U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin led a cyberespionage scheme designed to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. … Continue reading

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Rewarding “Group Think” on Syria By Robert Parry/ Consortium News/ September 13, 2013 “Group think” is alive and well in Official Washington, with virtually all the important pundits marching in lock-step with the Obama administration’s accusations against the Syrian government … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: &%^#*$*@

In case you thought our politics was obscene…… Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (soon to be switching jobs with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin), responding in a tweet to harsh criticism of his and Putin’s political party: “It has become clear that … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Parasite Nation

“The United States lives on credit, which for one of the leading economies is very bad. They are living beyond their means and shifting their problems onto the rest of the world. To some extent, the US is a parasite … Continue reading

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