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Capitalism’s War on Socialism

TBPR Editor’s Note: I am unclear as to why Egnatz doesn’t consider the Scandinavian countries as successful socialist countries. By Nick Egnatz/ OpEdNews/ April 2,2019 Successful socialist countries do not exist for the simple reason that capitalism has waged war … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Finally Admit We’re an Empire By David Sirota/ AlterNet/ September 28, 2013 Is America an empire or not? It is a loaded question because in the modern age, that word — empire — is not a moniker … Continue reading

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Of Course They Don’t Like Us

My letter published today in the Monterey County Herald: I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb in suggesting that the reason Americans are being targeted and killed in Afghanistan, Libya and other countries in the Middle … Continue reading

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Why Don’t They Like Us?

By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report “They came with a Bible and their religion, stole our land, crushed our spirit, and now tell us we should be thankful to the Lord for being saved.” Chief Pontiac, 1720-1769, leader of … Continue reading

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US Media Angrily Marvels at the Lack of Muslim Gratitude NBC News, along with a leading US newspaper, insist that Egyptians should be grateful to the US for having ‘freed’ them By Glenn Greenwald/ The Guardian/ September 14, 2012 An … Continue reading

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Is Iran the Next Iraq?

My letter-to-the-Editor published in today’s Monterey County Herald: Why the near-hysteria over the possibility that Iran might build its first nuclear weapon? Iran appears to be our newest “imminent threat,” now that we’ve disposed of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden … Continue reading

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What If There were an “American Spring”?

It is encouraging to watch the “Arab Spring” movements spreading throughout the Arab world.  Beginning late last year in Tunisia and Egypt, and continuing at this moment in Libya and Syria, ordinary citizens are taking to the streets and demanding … Continue reading

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