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The Good News About the 2016 Election

By Arlen Grossman Really. There is at least one positive outcome of the 2016 election. Now that the Republicans have won the presidency, both houses of Congress, and soon the Supreme Court, they actually have to govern and attempt to solve … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders: The Cost of Hypercapitalism

by Jonathan Tasini/ Playboy/ October 17, 2013 At a time when politicians—particularly members of Congress—are almost universally reviled and blind partisanship seems to dictate the fate of every piece of legislation, one U.S. senator stands out as a unique voice. Bernie … Continue reading

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Obama: Thank You, GOP!

Why This Government Shutdown Will Backfire on Republicans By Peter Scheer/ Truthdig/ September 30, 2013 The mainstream GOP is so certain Republicans will be blamed for the government shutdown, the first in 17 years, it has been actively campaigning against … Continue reading

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Single-Payer Health Care–Now Is The Time

By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report Right now is an opportune time to push for single-payer nationalized health care in the United States. A number of American companies and franchisees, Papa John’s, Denny’s, and Applebee’s among them, have been … Continue reading

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The Real World Sucks, Doesn’t It?

THE FATE OF HEALTH CARE AND THE NOVEMBER ELECTION  By Arlen Grossman Polls show Americans like most provisions in Obama’s health care plan, but as a result of bitter and well-funded attacks by the Right, reject ObamaCare as a concept. … Continue reading

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Where To Escape the Individual Mandate (Hint: Not Canada) By Amy Bingham/ ABC News/ June 30, 2012 Good Luck Finding A Developed Country That Has No Individual Mandate The Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Obama’s health care law on Thursday made … Continue reading

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Millions of Americans Suffering From OLS

OBAMA LETDOWN SYNDROME (OLS): NO CURE ON THE HORIZON  by Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report Do you feel Angry? Frustrated?  Cynical? Hopeless?  If your politics lean liberal/progressive, you are not alone with these nagging symptoms. You may be suffering … Continue reading

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Obama’s Burden

THE RIGHT-WING MEDIA MACHINE VS. BARACK OBAMA by Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report You may have heard it said that if President Obama discovered a cure for cancer, he would be criticized for putting oncologists out of work. While … Continue reading

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