The Real World Sucks, Doesn’t It?


By Arlen Grossman

Polls show Americans like most provisions in Obama’s health care plan, but as a result of bitter and well-funded attacks by the Right, reject ObamaCare as a concept. But now that the Supreme Court has given the go-ahead for the president’s Affordable Care Act, here are two scenarios of what might happen next:

IN A FAIR WORLD (Like We Sorta Used to Have):   The mainstream news media will provide even-handed coverage of the health care plan’s pros and cons. Based on this objective information, Americans will better understand and appreciate the benefits of the new health care system. ObamaCare will rise in opinion polls and boost the campaigns of President Obama and Democrats running for Congress. In contrast, Republicans, desperately attempting to kill the health care plan, will lose support among independent voters. President Obama will be re-elected, and Democrats will hold a majority in the House and Senate, thus ensuring the continuation and possible expansion of  health care opportunities in America.

The Democratic View:

IN THE REAL WORLD (Where Money Rules): Right-wing billionaires will spend untold millions of dollars to rip into ObamaCare, presenting expanded health care coverage as somehow akin to Stalin’s gulags and Hitler’s death camps, while the conservative echo machine (Limbaugh, Fox News, etc.) will gleefully spread the propaganda manure. Before long, frustrated, brainwashed and confused Americans will want to scrap the whole idea. Democratic candidates will be outspent, demoralized, and using all their time to swat down GOP lies about ObamaCare. The heavily financed Republicans will retain the House, win the Senate, and President Obama will be a one-term president. American health care will revert to pre-Obama status.

The Republican View:

Is there any room for fairness in the real world equation this year? We’ll find out November 6.

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2 Responses to The Real World Sucks, Doesn’t It?

  1. There’s plenty of blame to go around, and I agree the Democrats haven’t done their job, but in the final analysis, we’re screwed! The only solution is taking money out of politics, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

  2. kkolchak says:

    “The heavily financed Republicans will retain the House, win the Senate, and President Obama will be a one-term president. American health care will revert to pre-Obama status.”

    Good. That’s what the Democrats deserve for selling out on a single payer or medicare for all health care system and instead enacting yet another gigantic corporate giveaway that does nothing to reign in out-of-control health care costs…to say nothing of their complicity in extending Bush’s wars, ramping up the drone missile campaign, bailing out Wall Street and installing dangerous, cancer causing scanners at the nation’s airports. As much as I hate the Republicans, I hate the Democrats’ hypocrisy even more.

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