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Critique of Liberals

Note from TBPR Editor: Does this conservative make some valid points? Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think By Gerard Alexander/ New York Times/ May 12, 2018 Mr. Alexander is a professor of political science at the University of … Continue reading

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The Good News About the 2016 Election

By Arlen Grossman Really. There is at least one positive outcome of the 2016 election. Now that the Republicans have won the presidency, both houses of Congress, and soon the Supreme Court, they actually have to govern and attempt to solve … Continue reading

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And This Is Just a Small Sample

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Is “Liberal” a Dirty Word?

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Disturbing Liberal Hypocrisy

A very troubling commentary by Glenn Greenwald, about how tolerant liberal Democrats have become to the militaristic, authoritarian policies of Barack Obama–policies they harshly criticized when done by the George W. Bush administration. REPULSIVE PROGRESSIVE HYPOCRISY by Glenn Greenwald/ Salon/ … Continue reading

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A Republican Sweep in 2012?

Significant trends point to a Republican Party  sweep of the 2012 elections, bringing with it the most right-wing government in American history. Just as Scott Brown’s upset win in the January 2010 Massachusetts Senate special election foretold the decisive GOP … Continue reading

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