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How Do We Stop Them From Killing More People? By Thom Hartmann/ Thom Hartmann Blog/ May 27, 2020 Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, presidents of the United States and Brazil, are essentially refusing to do anything consequential about an epidemic … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: What’s Next?

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, who warned of pandemic in 2006, says we can beat the novel coronavirus—but first, we need lots more testing. By Larry Brilliant/ Wired/ March 19, 2020 LARRY BRILLIANT … Continue reading

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Where Are The Test Kits?

What’s the Truth on the Coronavirus Testing?  By Thom Hartmann/ Thom’s Blog/ March 12, 2020 After it was widely reported that Tom Hanks and his wife were able to simply walk into a clinic in Australia with the symptoms of … Continue reading

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Who Does Government Serve?

By Paul Craig Roberts/ February 14, 2019 Whose interests are served when Pelosi sells out health care and Pompeo sells out peace? :::::::: Nancy Pelosi The US health system is the most high cost and dysfunctional health care system … Continue reading

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Lewis Black on GOP Health Care Bill

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The Death Economy

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Not Much to Celebrate on Labor Day

A quickie Robert Reich lecture (less than 3 minutes) on the problems of and solutions for American workers…..

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WTF Are We Doing To Ourselves

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How Does Your Favorite State Do?

Mother Nature Network

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