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A different Way to Look at Government Spending, Deficits, and Society’s Needs Hint: households can’t print money, but our government can.

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BPR Quote of the Day: Deficits Don’t Matter

“Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” Vice-President Dick Cheney, 2002

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Goodness, Our Financial Sky is Falling!

If only there were a simple way to fix this nation’s monumental, complicated debt problem. Actually, there is. We just need to apply basic common-sense economics. Under President Bill Clinton our national debt rose from $4.2 trillion to $5.7 trillion, … Continue reading

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The Big Truths

1. In reality,  compared to previous years and compared to the rest of the world, Americans are under-taxed. According to the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, by historical standards, what we pay in federal taxes — rich, poor and … Continue reading

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Which Party Controls Congress?

America’s wealthiest taxpayers couldn’t be happier. The top 2% got their Bush tax cuts extended for at least two more years AND got an even better deal on their estate taxes, getting the first $10 million tax free, and only … Continue reading

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