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Why WikiLeaks Is Worth Defending, Despite All of Its Flaws By Mathew Ingram/ Gigaom/ August 24, 2012 Most of the recent attention around WikiLeaks has been focused on the legal issues surrounding its controversial founder, Julian Assange. But we shouldn’t … Continue reading

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The New Abnormal

Over the last ten or more years since 9/11, despite any spike in terrorism on our soil, Americans have easily acquiesced to substantially invasive national security measures. Inspections, body searches, surveillance, torture, loss of constitutional liberties–Americans shrug their shoulders and … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The Movement, a small subset of the parliament in Iceland (three members out of 63) nominated Bradley Manning to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, it is basically symbolic, but a clever idea. Wouldn’t it be great if he won? … Continue reading

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“What Stands Before Us is Naked Tyranny”

The Outlook for the New Year By Paul Craig Roberts/PaulCraigRoberts.org/ December 31, 2011 In March 2010 when I resigned from my column with Creator’s Syndicate and put down my pen, I received so many protests from readers that two months … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on WikiLeaks: “Killing the Messenger”

This speech by Ron Paul is almost a year old, but well worth watching. Why can’t other Republicans think more like Paul? In fact, when it comes to foreign policy, why can’t Democrats think and speak out  like Rep. Paul?  … Continue reading

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Collateral Murder (Video)

Collateral Murder shows one soldier’s account of his involvement in a 2007 “Collateral Murder” of civilians and journalists in Iraq, exposed by WikiLeaks (with the alleged help of Bradley Manning). I had to avert my eyes several times because parts of … Continue reading

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