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Move Along, Nothing to See Here

President Gollum’s ‘Precious’ Secrets Exclusive: Despite promises of “openness,” President Obama has treated information that could inform American democracy like Tolkien’s character Gollum coveted his “precious” ring. Obama is keeping for himself analyses that could change how the public sees the crises in … Continue reading

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The Heinous Crime Behind Watergate Exclusive: The mainstream media’s big takeaway from Richard Nixon’s Watergate resignation is that “the cover-up is always worse than the crime.” But that’s because few understand the crime behind Watergate, Nixon’s frantic search for a file on his 1968 subversion … Continue reading

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Howard Zinn on the American Empire

What the classroom didn’t teach me about the American Empire By Howard Zinn originally from TomDispatch.com, 2008

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Freedom’s Just Another Word…..

A letter from an acquaintance: “Our 5th grader grandson entertained us adults last night at his public school Christmas Musical.  At the end his teacher asked everyone to pray for our troops as they are “protecting our freedoms overseas”.  My … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on WikiLeaks: “Killing the Messenger”

This speech by Ron Paul is almost a year old, but well worth watching. Why can’t other Republicans think more like Paul? In fact, when it comes to foreign policy, why can’t Democrats think and speak out  like Rep. Paul?  … Continue reading

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