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BPR Quote of the Day: “Corporation Day”

“Labor Day is an anachronism. It should be renamed Corporation Day or War Day to celebrate the success of Bush/Obama in eliminating labor unions as a countervailing power to corporate power and the elevation of War as the highest goal … Continue reading

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Collateral Murder (Video)

Collateral Murder shows one soldier’s account of his involvement in a 2007 “Collateral Murder” of civilians and journalists in Iraq, exposed by WikiLeaks (with the alleged help of Bradley Manning). I had to avert my eyes several times because parts of … Continue reading

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Our Soldiers: Heroes or Victims?

Conventional wisdom is that we must support our men and women in uniform. That sounds reasonable to me. After all, it’s not as if they are the ones making policy decisions. They deserve our support–up to a point. Where I … Continue reading

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