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By Arlen Grossman/ Published on Daily Kos August 18, 2022 Published In OpEdNews, August 27 ,2022 (revised and updated) I hope it is becoming obvious why Donald Trump went so overboard with his baseless claims that the 2020 election … Continue reading

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By Arlen Grossman/ Published in Daily Kos/ June 5, 2022 One reason Russian President Vladimir Putin felt confident he could swiftly conquer Ukraine could be because of his success accomplishing his goals in the United States. By assisting Donald Trump … Continue reading

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The Laughing Stock of the World

(Michael Moore recounts how a once-proud advancing nation is moving downward too quickly. Why do we not care about our poor and working class citizens? Our priorities are apparently helping the wealthy. Many countries make a point of helping their … Continue reading

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Exposed: The Insidious Cancer at the Core of Democracy that Could Take Down Biden

Billionaires & their companies now own politicians — and the Supreme Court set it all up with their poisonous Citizens United decision By Thom Hartmann/ October 29, 2021 If President Biden’s Build Back Better plan goes down in flames, … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren, Perhaps?

By Arlen Grossman Joe Biden needs to pick a progressive woman for his VP nomination. Here’s why: 1) It would spark enthusiasm for Democrats (especially for progressives let down by Biden as the candidate, and 2) The woman he picks … Continue reading

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