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WTF Are We Doing To Ourselves

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Deeper in Debt

The New Company Store: The Final Step in the Corporate Takeover of America By John Atcheson/ Common Dreams/ July 11, 2012 Well, here we are, slouching toward another national garage sale in which corporations bid on and buy candidates the … Continue reading

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Indentured Students

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The Difference Between NEWS and Not-News

NEWS:  HEADLINES YOU’LL SEE IN THE CORPORATE MEDIA Not-News-– Headlines You Probably Won’t by Arlen Grossman NEWS: REPUBLICANS ATTACK OBAMA HEALTH CARE PLAN AS SOCIALISM Not-News: 50,000 Americans Without Health Insurance, 18,000 Americans Die From Lack of It NEWS: U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DROPS … Continue reading

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Student Debt: “Growing at a Remarkable Rate”

Student Debt in the U.S. Continues to Blow Up by Philip Pilkington/ Naked Capitalism/ March 9, 2012 Perhaps the most obvious indicator that the US has become a society of debtors is the ever-expanding market for student loans. Recently clocked … Continue reading

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Robert Reich: The High Cost of Educating Snobs

Stop Starving Public Universities and Shrinking the Middle Class by Robert Reich/ Feb. 29, 2012 Last week Rick Santorum called the President “a snob” for wanting everyone to get a college education (in fact, Obama never actually called for universal … Continue reading

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