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Greed and globalization set us up for disaster. By Tom Friedman/ New York Times/ May 30, 2020 If recent weeks have shown us anything, it’s that the world is not just flat. It’s fragile. And we’re the ones who made … Continue reading

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Plutonomy and the Precariat:  On the History of the US Economy in Decline by Noam Chomsky/ TomDispatch.com/ May 8, 2012 The Occupy movement has been an extremely exciting development. Unprecedented, in fact. There’s never been anything like it that I … Continue reading

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The Difference Between NEWS and Not-News

NEWS:  HEADLINES YOU’LL SEE IN THE CORPORATE MEDIA Not-News-– Headlines You Probably Won’t by Arlen Grossman NEWS: REPUBLICANS ATTACK OBAMA HEALTH CARE PLAN AS SOCIALISM Not-News: 50,000 Americans Without Health Insurance, 18,000 Americans Die From Lack of It NEWS: U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DROPS … Continue reading

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Too Rich and Powerful to Fail

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The Advantages of Being in the Final Four (of Big Banks)

In researching some bank-related questions for my friend edray, I came across some fascinating information from a ThinkProgress.org article last October….. 11 Facts You Need to Know About the Nation’s Biggest Banks by Pat Garofalo/ ThinkProgress/ October 7, 2012 The Occupy … Continue reading

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The Final Four Brackets: Big Banks

from Too Big to Fail/ Mother Jones

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Numbers That Count: Good News For Rich People

LOBBYING Thirty big corporations actually spent more money lobbying the federal government between 2008 and 2010 than they spent in taxes. Altogether, these companies spent $476 million over those three years to lobby Congress (about $400,000 per day, weekends included). PublicCampaign.org … Continue reading

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Chomsky: Banks Are Being Paid Off for Putting Obama in Office

Noam Chomsky explains how Obama and his policies came to be, and how it all fits into our political system. Chomsky on Liberal Disillusionment with Obama

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