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How Economic Hitmen Work

This two-minute video explains a lot…..

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Are 7 Billion People a Problem?

By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report   The Earth, in case you haven’t noticed, is a big mess right now. All living things, humans included, are suffering the effects of a planet stressed to the breaking point.   (At the … Continue reading

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The Difference Between NEWS and Not-News

NEWS:  HEADLINES YOU’LL SEE IN THE CORPORATE MEDIA Not-News-– Headlines You Probably Won’t by Arlen Grossman NEWS: REPUBLICANS ATTACK OBAMA HEALTH CARE PLAN AS SOCIALISM Not-News: 50,000 Americans Without Health Insurance, 18,000 Americans Die From Lack of It NEWS: U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DROPS … Continue reading

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BPR Question of the Day: Are Poor Americans People?

The historic, anti-democratic Citizens United Supreme Court ruling in 2010 allowed corporations and the wealthy to give unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. The decision was based on two controversial legal theories: corporations are people, and money is equivalent … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day

“I hear how (the Democrats are) so caring for the poor and so forth. The poor need jobs! And they also need to share some of the responsibility.” –Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Planet of Utah

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