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Trump Has Completely Lost His Grip on Reality

The former president’s deterioration is on full display in the Truth Social asylum he built for himself. By Charles C. W. Cooke/ National Review/ January 25, 2023 Let’s check in on the shadow primary for the 2024 Republican nomination. Nikki Haley … Continue reading

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A Media Ceiling is about to Fall In On Democrats

Wealthy partisans aligned with the GOP are going for that Hispanic vote in a big, big way. They intend to use the same tools that have turned state after state reliably red since the 1980s: radio & TV By Thom … Continue reading

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In the New “McCarthy Era,” This Column Could Get Me Thrown In Jail

We’ve entered the new McCarthy era, and Kevin is doing everything he can to empower Jordan as the new Joe. By Thom Hartmann/ January 11, 2023 This column could get me thrown in jail. And the fact that I’m … Continue reading

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Is Greed the Biggest Threat to America & Democracy?

By Thom Hartmann/ The Hartmann Report/ December 27, 2022 Greed, one of the seven deadly sins, is both toxic to society and intrinsic to human nature. It can’t be ended or “stopped” — but it can be regulated, which is … Continue reading

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Trump Struggles, but America Is Still Feverish

By Nicholas Kristoff/ NY Times/ Dec. 10, 2022 Has America’s fever broken? An optimist could make a case. Donald Trump, the central figure in America’s febrile ailment, was further tarnished this past week, including by the conviction of his company … Continue reading

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Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter explains why a Russian victory is inevitable, and what it costs the West to refuse to accept this **A very different point of view……. BY DIMITRI LASCARIS/ TheReal NOVEMBER 15, 2022 Reports … Continue reading

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It says a lot about the maturity and evolution of the human race that it is possible that one (questionably stable) person can use a nuclear weapon that could easily spark a horrific war that would result in the death … Continue reading

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The Democrats Will Probably Lose the Midterms, Because Our Society Is Falling Apart BYLIZA FEATHERSTONE/ Jacobin/ November 2, 2022 The Democrats are too beholden to the rich, and they face structural obstacles that are too daunting, to address the profound … Continue reading

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BY ARLEN GROSSMAN Published as a “trending story” in, October 25, 2022 over 135 comments. Published at, October 27, 2022 (headline) Americans know very little about fascism. Most of us aren’t familiar with this dystopian form of … Continue reading

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Thank You, Chevron (I think)

Here is the backstory for this “Chevron ad”…….. FREE DANZINGER Arlen, I am so happy to connect again and so deeply grateful for your support. I write to update you on an astounding development in the media world. A new commercial … Continue reading

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