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By Arlen Grossman Published at OpEd News, October 5, 2019   Democracy, if we ever truly had it, is rapidly disappearing in America today. If most people want background checks for guns, universal health care, a higher minimum wage, action … Continue reading

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Our Lowest Priority: People

By Arlen Grossman There is one important reason this country has so many mass shootings, as well as so much suicide, opioid addiction, depression, anxiety, child abuse and a litany of other indicators of a dysfunctional, troubled society. It comes … Continue reading

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The High Price of Materialism

What a un-American concept! More stuff doesn’r always mean more happiness; consumerism is not good for the environment; materialism does not promote social values. Where will this kind of radical philosophy lead us? Dare we even think about it? Video … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Consumption

“Consumption. This is the new national pastime. Fuck baseball, it’s consumption, the only true, lasting American value that’s left . . . buying things . . . People spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need . . … Continue reading

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