The High Price of Materialism

What a un-American concept! More stuff doesn’r always mean more happiness; consumerism is not good for the environment; materialism does not promote social values. Where will this kind of radical philosophy lead us? Dare we even think about it?

Video produced by The Center For a New American Dream, which works to raise awareness of the negative impact of our hyper-consumer culture. 

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6 Responses to The High Price of Materialism

  1. Very interesting. I dig the video and thank you for posting such a thought provoking piece.Do you remember right after 9/11 when Bush told us to go out and shop? I found myself incredulous at the thought of gong out and mindlessly spending money while the world was going to hell in a hand basket. When I do shop, I try to be careful what I purchase. I really try and support local shops,whether they be selling food or furniture. It can be expensive to live this way, but I much prefer it to shopping at large corporations that pay no mind to the environment. It happens that if I shop less, I can actually afford the things I like instead of shopping all the time, and buying cheap stuff that has traveled halfway around the world.Have you heard of Slavoj Zizek? He is a Slovenian philosopher who has discussed materialism and consumer culture for many years.

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    Can’t say this (or draw for that matter) better myself.

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