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Having No Shame

Republicans Are Looting the Treasury While They Still Can They know a backlash is coming, and they’re making the most of their power while they have it. By Joshua Holland/ The Nation/ December 2, 2017 The tax bill Senate Republicans … Continue reading

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The U.S. Military Approves Bombing Children By Robert Dreyfuss/ The Nation/ December 4, 2012 In October, I blogged about an incident in Afghanistan in which three small children were killed in a US airstrike. In that one small incident, which drew little … Continue reading

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The chief economist for an international corporate consulting firm crunched the numbers and came up with $21 Trillion stashed away in offshore tax havens and unavailable for use by financially-strapped government treasuries. If this revenue were available, social programs around … Continue reading

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Billionaires Buying the Election

BERNIE SANDERS VERSUS THE BILLIONAIRES By John Nichols/ Common Dreams/ July 24, 2012   If two dozen billionaire families were combining their wealth to effectively buy the 2012 election, it would be time for patriots to mount a bold response … Continue reading

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Chilling Video: Media Censorship

Jeremy Scahill article in The Nation, March 14, 2012: Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

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The Leaderless, Demandless OWS Movement

Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning Is Here                                  by Jonathan Schell | The Nation/ October 19, 2011 Nothing is more striking about the Occupy Wall Street movement, which in a political instant has swept through not only the United States … Continue reading

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How Occupy Wall Street Began

A good comprehensive summary of the beginnings of the Occupy Wall Street Movement…. From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere Nathan Schneider | October 11, 2011/ The Nation It all started with an e-mail. On July 13 Adbusters magazine sent out a … Continue reading

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