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Torturers Go Free, Whistleblowers Go To Prison

That the United States tortured prisoners, sometimes resulting in death, is no secret, even though denied by the government. So what message are we sending when American torturers are never prosecuted, but those who blow the whistle on these crimes … Continue reading

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Obama Campaign Brags About Its Whistleblower Persecutions Excuse me if I don’t join in Democrats’ sycophantic cheerleading for an Obama presidency that has shredded laws and liberties By Glenn Greenwald/ The Guardian/ September 5, 2012 A US drone strike in … Continue reading

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Chilling Video: Media Censorship

Jeremy Scahill article in The Nation, March 14, 2012: Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

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60 Minutes: (Not) Prosecuting Wall Street

Another in a series of outstanding investigative reports from 60 Minutes on CBS. Last Sunday, December 4, Steve Kroft did two segments on the unprosecuted crimes on Wall Street. This is the second segment. I’m not able to post the … Continue reading

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