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Advertising’s High Cost to Society! Read This Now! You’ll Like It!

 by Arlen Grossman “Advertising is a racket, like the movies and the brokerage business. You cannot be honest without admitting that its constructive contribution to humanity is exactly minus zero.”                     … Continue reading

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How Occupy Wall Street Began

A good comprehensive summary of the beginnings of the Occupy Wall Street Movement…. From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere Nathan Schneider | October 11, 2011/ The Nation It all started with an e-mail. On July 13 Adbusters magazine sent out a … Continue reading

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Panache! Why We Must Fight.

by Chris Hedges AP Photo/The Times-Picayune, Matthew Hinton My three-year-old son’s favorite book is Out of the Blue. It has large color photographs of sea animals, from plankton to clownfish to orcas. I often find my son, dressed in his pajamas, … Continue reading

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