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When Top Tax Rates Rise, So Does The Economy

by Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report/ April 9, 2012 Looking at the first chart below, you can see the top marginal income tax rates dropped from 73% in 1921 all the way down to 24% by 1929. After that, … Continue reading

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Can It Get Any Better Than This for Democrats?

by Arlen Grossman As the economy slowly improves, polls show President Obama’s approval rating rising and populist Democratic issues resonating well with America’s voters.  Compared to last year when conservatives were riding high and the issues seemed to favor the … Continue reading

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{Special Report} The Future of Occupy: Let It Evolve

Despite the  predictions of Bill O’Reilly and the wishes of Mayor Bloomberg and other One Percenters, the Occupy movement is not going away.  It’s too late for that– the idea and the message are out and can no longer be … Continue reading

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How the Disastrous 2010 Election Helped Ignite OWS

Strange as it might seem, the 2010 midterm election helped trigger the Occupy Wall Street movement and weaken the clout of the Tea Party. Remember what a funk those of us on the left side of the political spectrum were … Continue reading

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Common Ground

    from Dare to Demand (Facebook)

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Comparison: Tea Party vs. OWS

Not exactly impartial, but basically accurate……

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BPR Quote of the Day: Passion Matters Now in OWS

“The major social movements that have transformed our country since its founding all began as passionate grassroots activism that then radiated out. Only later do traditional politicians get involved. The history of the civil rights movement, women’s rights movement, labor … Continue reading

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A Republican Sweep in 2012?

Significant trends point to a Republican Party  sweep of the 2012 elections, bringing with it the most right-wing government in American history. Just as Scott Brown’s upset win in the January 2010 Massachusetts Senate special election foretold the decisive GOP … Continue reading

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No We Can’t

President Obama and the American people lost badly today. The GOP, the Tea Party, and the ultra-rich scored a clear and decisive knock-out, one that bodes ominously for the future of this weakened nation. The best opinions I’ve seen in … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Wants to be Loved

“Amid the chilling anarchy, there’s not a single strong leader to be seen — not even a misguided one. All the leaders are followers. You have to wonder if President Obama at some level doesn’t want to lead. Maybe he … Continue reading

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