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Rich Americans Need Your Help

Special Guest Blog/ Exclusive to The Big Picture Report A Plea For Your Help, From People for the Ethical Treatment of Rich Americans by List of X/ December 30, 2012   Every day, the nation is creeping closer and closer toward … Continue reading

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Tough Beans

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Taxing the Rich Healthy For the Economy

Why a Fair Economy is Not Incompatible with Growth but Essential to It by Robert Reich/ robertreich.org/ April 15, 2012 One of the most pernicious falsehoods you’ll hear during the next seven months of political campaigning is there’s a necessary … Continue reading

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When Top Tax Rates Rise, So Does The Economy

by Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report/ April 9, 2012 Looking at the first chart below, you can see the top marginal income tax rates dropped from 73% in 1921 all the way down to 24% by 1929. After that, … Continue reading

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The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

by Robert Reich October 17, 2011 The president’s jobs bill doesn’t have a chance in Congress — and the Occupiers on Wall Street and elsewhere can’t become a national movement for a more equitable society – unless more Americans know … Continue reading

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Who Does Our Senator Work For?

Of the ten richest members of Congress, 100% of them voted to extend the Bush tax cuts. Seven were Democrats, among them California’s Senator Dianne Feinstein, with an estimated net worth of over $100 million. Mother Jones: Income Inequality

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