Is Iran the Next Iraq?

My letter-to-the-Editor published in today’s Monterey County Herald:

Why the near-hysteria over the possibility that Iran might build its first nuclear weapon? Iran appears to be our newest “imminent threat,” now that we’ve disposed of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi.
How dangerous is Iran? The United States and Russia have thousands of nuclear weapons. At least seven other countries, including Israel, havetheir own stockpiles. So why are these countries allowed to have nukes, but Iran, surrounded by hostile neighbors already possessing such weapons, isn’t? Surely Iran knows it would be suicidal for it to use a nuke against Israel or anyone else.
So why the urgency to attack Iran ? Most likely it comes from those who might  benefit from another Middle East  war: defense contractors, the news networks, the Pentagon, hawkish politicians, oil companies, etc. There’s plenty of frightening talk about Iran’s threat to us and the world, but just like with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, the evidence is lacking.

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