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Is America Past the Point of No Return?

(It may be my imagination, but Thom Hartmann appears to be channeling and expanding on my June 25 Op-Ed…..) Oligarchs representing monopolistic Big Pharma, Big Banks, and Big Retail/Fast Food are devastating us. By Thom Hartmann/ AlterNet/ July 4, 2017 … Continue reading

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We Still Know It

BPR Quote of the Day: After those words, Roosevelt said: Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me – and I … Continue reading

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What Mitt Romney Really Represents By Robert Reich/ robertreich.org/ September 21, 2012 It’s not just his giant income or the low tax rates he pays on it. And it’s not just the videotape of him berating almost half of America, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Last Stand

Custer’s Last Stand didn’t end well at Little Bighorn–at least not for the General and his soldiers.  President Obama is up against his own Last Stand, with his political fate along with the economic future of America on the line. … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Enslave Workers

“Never in the history of the world has any measure been brought in here so insidiously designed so as to prevent business recovery, to enslave workers, and to prevent any possibility of the employers providing work for the people.” Representative … Continue reading

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