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Disappearing Democracy

The Corporate Media Isn’t Coming Close to Holding Trump Accountable Increasingly, the media are simply compliant patsies to whoever is in power. By Thom Hartmann/ AlterNet/ January 24, 2017 One of Donald Trump’s first official acts as president was to … Continue reading

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More Lessons To Be Learned

Americans Wanted a Revolution, and Clinton’s Campaign Only Offered Them Obama 2.0 By Thom Hartmann/ AlterNet/ November 9, 2016 Donald J. Trump’s ascent to the White House is the final victory of Lewis Powell’s 1971 memo to the U.S. Chamber … Continue reading

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Bernie Won All the Focus Groups & Online Polls, So Why Is the Media Saying Hillary Won the Debate? By Adam Johnson/Alternet.org/October 14, 2015 CNN.com Who “won” a debate is inherently subjective. The idea of winning a debate necessarily entails … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Finally Admit We’re an Empire By David Sirota/ AlterNet/ September 28, 2013 Is America an empire or not? It is a loaded question because in the modern age, that word — empire — is not a moniker … Continue reading

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How America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation in 4 Easy Steps It starts with destroying our manufacturing base. By Thom Hartmann/Alternet/ November 10, 2012 New reports that Taiwanese transnational manufacturing corporation Foxconn may be opening up some plants … Continue reading

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The 20 Weirdest Religious Beliefs By Valerie Tarico/ Alternet/ October 15, 2012 We find it easy to dismiss the fantastical beliefs of people in other times and places, but those that we’ve been exposed to since childhood seem not so … Continue reading

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Weimar America: Four Major Ways We’re Following In Germany’s Fascist Footsteps What happens when a mature industrial nation turns its back on democracy and lets its right-wing elite destroy the middle class? We’ve seen this movie before. By Robert Cruickshank/ … Continue reading

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Big Brother On The March

Glenn Greenwald delivered a powerful speech last week at the Socialism 2012 conference about the growth and danger of the American surveillance state. This is a scary but important examination of the pervasiveness of the growing violations of our privacy … Continue reading

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The Light At the End of This Economic Tunnel Is a Train

In an interview with AlterNet, economist Joseph Stiglitz points to a dismal future for this country if we continue the current path of widening economic inequality. Deregulation, government downsizing, and an unfair tax system is making things worse. The middle … Continue reading

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Morris Berman: “A Postmortem For a Dying Nation”

Why the American Empire Was Destined to Collapse Interview with author and social critic Morris Berman  who says the fact that we’re a nation of hustlers lies at the root of our decline. by Nomi Prins/ AlterNet/ March 7, 2012 … Continue reading

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