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The Good News

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original source unknown If you had any doubts America has been transformed into an increasingly oppressive police state, this Democracy Now broadcast might just dispel those doubts. The video features three targeted American citizens–the interviews start at about 13:00…… Click … Continue reading

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Privacy Rights? What Privacy Rights?

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Big Brother On The March

Glenn Greenwald delivered a powerful speech last week at the Socialism 2012 conference about the growth and danger of the American surveillance state. This is a scary but important examination of the pervasiveness of the growing violations of our privacy … Continue reading

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Drone wars and state secrecy – how Barack Obama became a hardliner He was once a liberal law professor who campaigned against the Iraq war. Now, according to revelations last week, the US president personally oversees a ‘kill list’ for … Continue reading

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Are You Paranoid? You Should Be.

If someone tells you the government can listen in on you from your cell phone even when it is turned off, you’d probably be inclined to run off in the opposite direction. But the “crackpot” would be right. From several … Continue reading

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