Democrats play softball as GOP battles for power

Published in Monterey Herald. December 31 and Rutland (VT) Herald, January 5

Trump Republicans are stopping at nothing in their aggressive battle to regain power. Lying, cheating, suppressing voting rights, gerrymandering, even a violent effort to overturn the election results, have been tried. If the GOP succeeds and they take over Congress after November’s midterm elections, the Democrats may have trouble winning another important election. What remains of our democracy will be gutted by Trump loyalists, and be relegated to our American history books (unless they too are banned).

While the Trump Republicans play hardball, the Democrats seem satisfied playing softball. Democrats seem to feel that playing nice, being polite, and not cracking down on Republicans who break the law, will convince the GOP to come to their senses and play fair. They can forget that.

I worry that Democratic leaders like President Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are too old and too establishment to know how to fight back against this unprecedented Trumpian assault on our democracy.

Democrats have no choice but to toughen up, get serious, and grow the necessary body parts to vigorously fight back. There is a lot at stake. But time is running out.

— Arlen Grossman, Del Rey Oaks

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