In America, Nobody is Above the Law. Except Those Who Are.

By Arlen Grossman

How many times has Donald Trump been accused of a crime? I don’t know and you probably don’t either. The correct answer:  too many times to count.

The next question is: how many times has Donald Trump been convicted of a crime? Everybody knows the answer: Zero. We’ve been told nobody is above the law in this country. I can’t believe anybody still believes that.

How does Trump get away with it? Probably because a lot of people are afraid of him, or afraid of his power and reach. Or maybe people are afraid of the morons in the Trump Personality Cult. The former president still commands loyalty–and fear–from millions of clueless Americans.

Is President Biden afraid of Trump and his followers? What about Attorney General Merrick Garland? What about members of Congress? Or the courts? Is everybody afraid of this mentally defective idiot?

There can be no doubt that Trump is guilty of financial crimes, political crimes, assaults on women,  etc. and has never acknowledged any of these crimes. Or course, he lies constantly and we can count on one hand the times he has told the truth (and that’s being generous).

Most Americans understand that our justice system has always been flawed. Those who have power, money, and the right skin color, have always gotten away away with more than others.

But with Donald Trump and his goon squads chipping away at what is left of democracy in America, we just don’t have time to wait. These people are well lawyered up and will do their very best to run out the clock until the next election, when the Democrats will have even less power than they do now.

If we ever truly had a fair justice system, this is the time to prove it. Otherwise, we will find ourselves living in an autocracy, as well as a plutocracy, but no longer a democracy. If we allow that to happen, then maybe we deserve it. I don’t want that to happen. But it could.


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