BPR Quote of the Day: Strip Poker

“It’s plain enough that Obama is a quitter by nature. As someone joked bitterly last week, he turns up for a strip poker session already down to his shorts.”

Alexander Cockburn 

(after the debt ceiling bill was passed last week.)

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4 Responses to BPR Quote of the Day: Strip Poker

  1. bird says:

    Thank you, Arlen. You got it! 🙂

  2. bird says:

    It’s plain enough if all you do is listen to the talking-heads on cable news. Unfortunately, way too many Americans believe whatever they hear without checking the facts. I’ve written three recent posts on this subject.

    • Bird, It should be obvious by now that Obama is part of the problem. After his election, he had a great opportunity to fight for progressive causes, and instead he tried to placate the right and work for modest incremental gains, but even those were thwarted by the right. The results speak for themselves. We needed a fighter but got a compromiser.
      I like your blog, though, and will add it to my blogroll. If you like mine, perhaps you will consider adding it to yours.

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