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BPR Quote of the Day: Strip Poker

“It’s plain enough that Obama is a quitter by nature. As someone joked bitterly last week, he turns up for a strip poker session already down to his shorts.” Alexander Cockburn  (after the debt ceiling bill was passed last week.)

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Droneland, the Unhappiest Place on Earth

Droneland   by Vijay Prashad, July 19, 2011 “Bombardment, by whatever means, of towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings which are undefended, is prohibited.”    (4th Hague Convention, 1907).   A new continent has emerged on our atlas: it is Droneland. The borders … Continue reading

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We No Longer Care For Each Other (Video)

Keith Olbermann with a  Special Comment reminding President Obama and the American people–as we shred our social safety net trying to fix the budget deficit–what really matters: taking care of each other. He quotes Jackie Robinson: “A life is not important … Continue reading

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Goodness, Our Financial Sky is Falling!

If only there were a simple way to fix this nation’s monumental, complicated debt problem. Actually, there is. We just need to apply basic common-sense economics. Under President Bill Clinton our national debt rose from $4.2 trillion to $5.7 trillion, … Continue reading

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The left can’t figure out why President Obama is so quick to give in or compromise to Republicans. This is what I think–and worry about: Obama is working a calculated strategy, but I’m not referring to the “he’s playing chess … Continue reading

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