Bad News From the Badger State

The failure of Democrats to pick up more than two of the six state senate seats in Wisconsin is immensely discouraging.  As I wrote yesterday:

“If the huge amounts of campaign money sent in to sabotage the recall effort can bring out enough Republicans to vote down the Democratic challengers, it will portend serious trouble for Democrats nationwide in 2012.”

The Supreme Court’s horrid Citizens United decision in 2010, allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns paid its first major dividends in Wisconsin Tuesday night.  Democrats had the enthusiasm, volunteers, and grassroots support on their side. But Republicans had generous donations from powerful conservative groups funded by the billionaire Koch brothers and other wealthy players. The plethora of negative campaign ads in Wisconsin may have been enough to sabotagel any hopes of a Democratic triumph.

Republicans must be feeling very encouraged for their prospects in 2012. Political campaign contributions are the best investment corporations can make. A few thousand dollars to the right candidates can reap millions in rewards, while millions of dollars can result in billion of dollars in benefits.

You can expect corporate money will be flowing into the coffers of both parties in 2012, but Republicans will receive the bulk of it. Unions will try to help Democrats, but how much will they have to give after being emasculated by Republican governors in a number of key states?

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