Bigger Than Wisconsin

The implications of the recall elections in Wisconsin Tuesday are huge. What happens will tell us much about the political landscape and balance of power in America.

Have the Republicans, personified by Gov. Scott Walker and his legislative allies in Wisconsin, overreached? Has their anti-union, right-wing legislation been harsh enough to cause the kind of blowback that will sweep up to six Republican state senators out of office?


Will right-wing, corporate campaign cash, flowing much more freely because of the horrendous Citizens United 2010 Supreme Court decision, be enough to stop the Democratic recall challenge?

Workers in Wisconsin seem fired up, motivated, and working hard to unseat the GOP senators. If this kind of citizen power can overcome the natural advantage wealthy Republicans have in raising money it will be a tremendous boost to discouraged workers and Democratic voters. It could be the kind of boost that could spread to other battered-down states with similar anti-worker Republican governors and legislators.

But if the huge amounts of campaign money sent in to sabotage the recall effort can bring out enough Republicans to vote down the Democratic challengers, it will portend serious trouble for Democrats nationwide in 2012.

The results of Wisconsin’s recall election mean a lot and will be watched closely all over the country.

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