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Follow the Money

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Why Wages Are Going Nowhere

  Why Do 80% of Americans Say They Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck? By Robert Reich/ RobertReich.org/ July 30, 2018 The official rate of unemployment in America has plunged to a remarkably low 3.8%. The Federal Reserve forecasts that the … Continue reading

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Neglecting the People

SYRIA AND THE REALITY AT HOME IN AMERICA By Robert Reich/ RobertReich.org/ September 6, 2013 While all eyes are on Syria and America’s response, the real economy in which most Americans live is sputtering. More than four years after the … Continue reading

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Why Costco Workers Aren’t Striking

CNN.Money.com: Worker Wages: Wendy’s vs Wal-Mart vs Costco

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Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Which America Do You Live In:  Newsweek’s SuperCountry or Robert Reich’s Stalled “Tinder-Box”? by Arlen Grossman Newsweek’s May 7 cover reveals a man’s shirt ripped off to reveal Superman–with a big “$” on his chest instead of an “S”–and the … Continue reading

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