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Why is the stock market soaring amid a pandemic? Because Trump thinks that may save him By Bob Cesca/ Salon.com/ July 24, 2020   All told, Donald Trump is a bit of an expert at blurting things that force the … Continue reading

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Some Filthy Facts About the Rich By Paul Buchheit/ Nation of Change/ August 26, 2013 First of all, who are they? Mostly the 1%. But the top 2-5% have also done quite well, increasing their inflation-adjusted wealth by 75 percent from 1983 … Continue reading

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Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Which America Do You Live In:  Newsweek’s SuperCountry or Robert Reich’s Stalled “Tinder-Box”? by Arlen Grossman Newsweek’s May 7 cover reveals a man’s shirt ripped off to reveal Superman–with a big “$” on his chest instead of an “S”–and the … Continue reading

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The Next Great Depression: Coming Soon?

Looking at the precarious state of the American and world economy, I would suggest that the volatility of the stock market last week is a strong early warning that a major financial crash in on the way. The massive amounts … Continue reading

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