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Why I Want Barack Obama to Win, But Won’t Vote For Him

By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report thesavoia.com Four years of President Mitt Romney is not something I wish to contemplate. A Romney-Ryan win would be an unmitigated disaster for this nation. I would prefer that President Barack Obama be … Continue reading

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This Political Ad Will Blow Your Mind!

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. Here’s a great example….

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Ending Authoritarianism and Plutocracy in the U.S.

By Rocky Anderson  Presidential Candidate, Justice Party, March 26, 2012,  speaking at Hinckley Institute of Politics, at The University of Utah  Let us consider the fundamental guiding principles for the United States of America — freedom, equal opportunity, compassion, and security. … Continue reading

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A Challenger for Obama?

A short interview with the new Justice Party candidate for president, Rocky Anderson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City. I’d be happy to vote for him (if he were able to get on the ballot, that is).

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