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The Ongoing War: After the Battle Over the Cliff, the Battle Over the Debt Ceiling By Robert Reich/ robertreich.org/ January 1, 2013 “It’s not all I would have liked,” says Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, speaking of the … Continue reading

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Which Republican Will You Vote For?

pollsb.com By Arlen Grossman/ The Big Picture Report On November 6, we will choose a Moderate Republican–Barack Obama–or a Radical Right Republican–Mitt Romney–to be President of the United States. Yes, I know that there will be a “Democrat” listed on … Continue reading

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Stating the Obvious

Let’s Just Say It: The Republicans Are the Problem By Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein/ Washington Post/ April 27, 2012 Rep. Allen West, a Florida Republican, was recently captured on video asserting that there are “78 to 81” … Continue reading

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BPR Quote of the Day: Drowning Government

“I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.”                       … Continue reading

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