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A Different D-Day By Gary Brumback/ OpEdNews/ August 18, 2014   America’s military speak of D- Day as the day when a major military action is to be started. The D-Day most familiar to Americans happened over 70 years ago … Continue reading

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How to Reform Corporate America

The Necessity and Possibility of Corporate Reform: Part 2. Reform Strategies by Gary Brumback/ OpEdNews.com/ March 25, 2012 Moving a mountain might be easier than moving government back to democracy and away from a corpocracy that has put government in … Continue reading

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The Pampering of Corporate Crooks

“Hands up Corporate Crooks!” (Not Really, Unless it’s in a Movie.) By Gary Brumback/ OpEdNews.com/ Dec. 3, 2011 Much of corporate wrongdoing such as endless wars, bribery of politicians, tax dodging and the like has been made legal by our three … Continue reading

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Life’s Equations for Ordinary Americans: No Match for Corpocracy Power

By Gary Brumback Special Guest Commentary/ Exclusive to The Big Picture Report Ordinary Americans + Corpocracy =   Very Little Liberty, Happiness, Prosperity I have been saying for some time that America’s own worse enemy is her corpocracy, the Devil’s marriage … Continue reading

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